Research pillars

The SLO-ACE will focus on 3 main pillars,

  • Field crops and grassland production,
  • Fruit growing, Viticulture and oenology and
  • Animal production.

interconnected and supported by horizontal themes to respond to the latest development trends and transfer of cutting-edge science into agricultural practice

  • Sustainable production systems and agro ecology,
  • Breeding and genetics,
  • Plant protection and
  • Food and feed quality

The expected impact is to achieve a measurable and significant improvement of research on agriculture and food and innovation culture in Slovenia and to create a development blue model transferable within the South East European regions. Benefits and actionable advice will also accrue to the partners’ institutions from the more intensive research and innovation performers, in terms of access to new research avenues, increased creativity and development of new approaches as basis for innovation, as well as a source for increased mobility (inwards and outwards) of qualified scientists