Potato Open Day (Dan krompirja), Slovenia

Potato Open Day was held on experimental fields of Infrastructure center Jablje at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia on Thursday, June 21st 2018.

The main purpose of Potato Open Day was to invite the potato growers buff-games, potato suppliers, extension service, representatives of farmers cooperatives, agricultural holdings, secondary schools, universities and the other professionals to visit experimental potato fields at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia and to present to the professional audience the Slovenian Center of Excellence for Agricultural Sciences SLO-ACE

In the discussion after the visit of experimental fields the future advantages and benefit of SLO-ACE to Slovenian potato sector, potato growers and industry was presented to choose the best and discussed. The SLO-ACE was welcomed by the audience. Future possibilities of cooperation, knowledge and technology transfer between SLO-ACE, extension service, agricultural schools and other institutions were discussed.

Hosting at the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops Novi Sad (IFVCNS), Serbia

From May 28th to June 1st, project coordinator Vladimir Meglič, PhD was actively participating at the 2nd International Breeding Course »Advancements in plant breeding, trial designs and analysis« in Novi Sad (Serbia). The course was aimed at professionals who are involved in plant breeding and germplasm improvement. V. Meglič, PhD presented a program of potatoes and buckwheat breeding at Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS). On this occasion he also presented the activities of SLO-ACE project and agreed to further cooperation with the Heads of Departments and members of »ZP Hibridi« at IFVCNS.